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  • Capdog Components 59-71 MFD 220v (Volt) 50/60Hz AC Motor Start Capacitor for .5 HP (½ HP) or .75 HP (¾ HP) Water Pump Control Box
  • Proudly Made in the USA. UL Certified and Meets EIA-463-A Type 1 Heavy Duty Specifications
  • Compatible with Franklin Part# 27546105 or 275461108 in 2801054915 2824075015 2803570115
  • Use in ½ and ¾ Horsepower Submersible Pump Motor Control Boxes and Pump Motor Starter Applications
  • Rugged Case is Moisture and Oil Resistant. Non-Polarized Electrolytic Cap


Capdog USA 59-71 MFD uF 220VAC

  • Capacitance: 59-71 uF (MFD)/microfarad Voltage Rating: 220 Volts AC Operating Temperature: -40° to 150°F / -40° to +65°C Operating Frequency 50/60hz Dual ¼” Quick-Connect Terminals. Rugged Oil and Moisture Resistant Recessed Bakelite Case measures 2.062 inches diameter x 3.365 inches height (2.062” D x 3.365” L) When replacing a capacitor look for bulging or leaking in the existing part. ALWAYS be sure to safely discharge old or used capacitors. When looking for a replacement match the capacitance in microfarads (uF/MFD) and the voltage rating should higher than or equal to the original part. Match the terminal type and Hz. Size and shape are generally only important if space is limited. Manufacturer part numbers used for reference only.

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